In case you have experienced an infestation of fleas and ticks you understand how important it is to eliminate them as fast as possible.  The job will not be completed by treating your backyard should you not follow through with a treatment of your property and pets.  Most people will treat their pets also anticipate the fleas and ticks to disappear, others will incorporate the treatments and be shocked if the fleas and ticks return.  To acquire control of the infestation it has to be a three-pronged approach with followup.  A flea and tick lawn control program is a vital part of gaining control and can’t and shouldn’t be overlooked.

As soon as you understand the difference between flea and tick control products you’ll be well on your way to control.  Products suitable for use may not and aren’t suitable for control.  When treating your lawns and yards try to avoid chemicals.  They will kill the fleas and ticks that are found at the time of application the problem.  Chemicals are bad for birds animals and some vegetation.  Hazardous substances can be washed off during rains and wind up in rivers and streams causing harm.  Before buying, please remember to read labels.

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Start looking for “Natural” outside flea and tick killers if at all possible.  Two great ones are Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or using live Nematodes.  You will discover that not only are they both economical they are lawn flea and tick killers.

If given a choice between therapy and treatment I would select a remedy possible.  Compare your choices and pick the best for your situation.  Finding the advantages and disadvantages of verses treatments has never been more easy with the use of the Internet.

First, before you apply your therapy, you will need to prepare your lawn.  This will make certain you wind up getting a flea and tick free lawn.  Most involve clearing your lawn of yard and debris furniture.  Mowing your grass and eating all grass along building fences and sidewalk cracks.  Be certain when applying that all your pets and other animals aren’t present.  Please remember after you’ve purchased the treatment you’re going to use before applying read the instructions and warnings.  Warnings and these directions are there for a reason.