AirAsia Mega Sale Flight Ticket Discount Promo

AirAsia is an international airline headquartered close to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Established in 1993 and started offering low-cost flight service since November 18th, 1996, now this company has been the best partner to South East Asia and surrounded countries with its large fleet by connected them in over 165 destinations both domestically and internationally.

AirAsia Company History

Currently celebrating its golden jubilee means AirAsia has been a reliable operator in flight business for 5 decades. Not everyone knows how long and tough this journey. In 1993, DRB-Hicom, a government owned conglomerate, establish the company but failed in heavy debt. Fortunately, it was not the end of the trip. Tony Fernandez, an ex-executive of Time Warmer, took over AirAsia in 2001. He really made up with this instinct when maneuvering from music to air business. A year later, he could start making the profit and even launching new routes from KL.

Some AirAsia Business Success Secrets

Going back to life after being heavily indebted seemed impossible, but AirAsia really did it well to get up and walk again confidently in air business under Tony Fernandez ownership, turning into a global brand known for its low-cost flight fares. Here are some of the secrets revealed by the boss:

  • Determination – Fernandes has strong believe in how determination can help making achievements. He said once at Sabah International Business Luncheon Talk 2012 speech, that there is nothing impossible to be achieved when you have determination.
  • Do not fear failure – This courage really works in every aspect of a business. Besides that, Fernandes strength in this success is how well he cares and nurtures his employees. Everyone is the key asset and can work together speaking ideas to develop potential, passions and dreams together.
  • Marketing – The AirAsia boss really invests his knowledge and experience in marketing. He said that letting others know your great product is important unless you just want it last as history.

AirAsia as Low-Cost Carrier

Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) concept was known about 36 years ago in the USA. Rollin King and Herb Kelleher worked together. They decided to run Southwest Airlines as a flight carrier providing as lowest as possible fares by still making sure everyone has a good time when doing so. The success story of this airline profit making flew fast to all over the world. it became a phenomenon that also inspired Tony Fernandes to adopt the same concept in making over AirAsia, from a heavily indebted to the successful global player in flight industry.

AirAsia Golden Anniversary Sale

As a form of gratitude and devotion to all its customers, especially Asean citizens, AirAsia offers exclusive offers on its 50th anniversary. They charge low fare flight to all destinations across South East Asia region, i.e. RM50. The booking session actually has been started since August 7th to 13th for the traveling plan between August 7, 2017 and February 8th, 2018. Since the flash golden anniversary sale does not take a long time to run, click here to find out whether this offer is still valid until today.