The Different Types of Printers and Their Features

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The Different Types of Printers and Their Features

Understanding and the types of Printers – Printer is a tool that displays data in the form of prints, either in the form of text or images/graphics, on paper. The printer is usually divided into several sections, namely penggetil (picker) as a means of taking paper from tray (tray). The tray is a place to put the paper. Ink or ink powder (toner) is real, because the printer ink or ink powder used to write/print on paper.

Ink and ink powder difference is a difference system, ink or laser powder needed warming, whereas no ink or ink blurted need warming up, just cleansing at hulu printer (print-head). print on paper, print on fabric, glass, white film, and ebonite.

There is also a cable bending for the delivery of the signal from the processor to the printer ink or ink powder. These cables are thin and supple, yet strong. On the back of the printer there is usually parallel or USB plugs for connecting to the computer. Printer modem is a sophisticated tool.

Perkakasan electronics contained in a printer with the same electronic perkakasan contained in the computer itself. The printer had six types i.e. types of Dot-Matrix, Daisy Wheel types, the type of Ink-Jet/Bubble Jet type, this type of Chain, Drum type and the type of Laser.

Type – The Type Of Printer

  • Printer Dot Matrix
    Dot Matrix printer is a printer that uses a Ribbon as a tool for printing. Because using the Ribbon to display output to the paper, the printer printing results with dot matrix a bit rough and less good.
  • Ink Jet Printer
    Ink Jet printers are devices that print use ink to print. Inkjet available in the market today have the ability to print to a paper size is very large, and with excellent quality.
  • Printer Laser Jet
    Type of printer laser jet printer is a type of method of print ink powder or commonly called toner by using infrared devices. In addition to the printed result is better if completely with this type of printer ink jet or dot matrix printer, laser jet also has a high printing speed and the resulting print is also faster as dry as at the prints on photo copy machine.

One type of printer is a Brother Printer, Brother Indonesia today introduced several of his label printer products in Indonesia. Printer-the printer is present in the compact size and attractive form. In addition, the label printer are also available for some segments at once, such as office space and also use in the home.

Today, Brother trying to popularize the product back printer labels. Label printer products-made Brother named P-Touch. The product consists of several variants, namely handheld, desktop, PC printers, and QL Printer (for Exampel : Brother QL-570).

The Different Types of Printers and Their Features
The Different Types of Printers and Their Features

To print the labels, these printers do not use ink at all. P-Touch using thermal system, similar to the workings of a fax machine. Special label will be used to process pencetakkan. When you are finished printing, label printing machine-made Brother this will directly undertake the process of laminating. According to his Brother, it was committed to maintaining the existing mould results in order not to fast is broken. Brother himself claimed that printout printer is able to survive for 5 years when placed outdoors continuously.

Some series were introduced today which are PT-7600 (special for industry), PT-90 (designed for use at home), PT-2030 (shaped desktop label printers) QL-570, and (the printer-shaped mini).

Each printer’s label already mentioned before, has a different label types. Brother alone has four types of label, i.e. TZ tape, DK tape, HG tape, and M tape.